Neiko's Naturals

How you treat your skin matters. Do it naturally. Hand made with care and time in Hood River, Oregon. 

Distinctive Soaps

Just think about it. 

Soap is intimate. What happens between your skin and what you choose to clean and moisturize is very personal. But just the opposite, most people turn to mass-produced liquids, gels, and bars full of detergents, petrochemicals, and synthetic materials.

Neiko shuns all of this. Her alternative is natural and uncomplicated. It is based on processes learned from generations of soap makers. Each bar of her soap is made of ingredients such as olive, and coconut oils, Shea butter, then cold processed, and aged for six weeks to lock in the benefits, lower the pH, and provide the perfect match for all skin types. 

Take the time to look over all of Neiko’s lovingly handcrafted soaps. Each bar is unique in its beauty, shape, size, and design. No artificial colors or perfumes to be found. What you see and smell comes naturally from the roots and the oils. Yes, we say it again, very intimate.

You pay a little more for Neiko’s soaps, but they are long lasting, especially if you keep them on well-drained dishes. They like the air just as we all naturally do.

Packaging free from Plastics!

Deodorant and lip balm now come in paper-based containers, while body cream comes in a reusable, glass jar. Doing my part to reduce plastics one container at a time.